Friday, September 30, 2011


Becker Farms has released the following on their Facebook page:

Hey folks just a weather advisory for this weekend! Due to the possibility of rainy weather there is a chance that we will not be opening our pumpkin fiesta. :( But check back in here tomorrow morning in case the weather turns around. For those of you who weren't planning on getting a pony ride any way you are in luck. We will still have U-pick apples, baked goods, beer and wine tasting, that delicious chicken BBQ and our famous home made doughnuts!


The minutes from the town of Royalton's council meeting for September are now online:;/content/Minutes/View/170

One interesting thing from the meeting:

Resolved for permission to hold a public hearing on October 17, 2011 @ 7:00 PM to discuss a proposal for a local law to passing a funeral buffer law that will ensure that anti-war protesters and religious groups will not be able to harass grieving families at military funerals.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


William H. Howell passed away September 24, 2011, at home, surrounded by his loving family. Born August 7, 1950 in Niagara Falls, he was the son of John and Ida (Martinez) Howell. William worked for Orleans-Niagara BOCES, Medina, where he was a Safety Specialist, retiring this year; prior to that he worked over 20 years at Niagara County Community College. William was a past school board member for the Royalton-Hartland School District. He enjoyed traveling, golfing and vacationing in Florida.

William is survived by his wife, Janet (Hogan) Howell of Royalton; father of Erik Howell of Daytona Beach, FL; brother of James (Bonnie) Howell of Wilson; brother-in-law of Karen Hogan of Milwaukee, WI.

Relatives and friends may call Thursday 5-7 PM at Prudden & Kandt Funeral Home, 242 Genesee St., Lockport, where funeral services will immediately follow at 7 PM. Donations to Roswell Park Cancer Institute or Niagara Hospice would be appreciated by the family.

Visit to leave condolences.


Mary Cedeno, the activist who is calling for a re-vote regarding the Middleport Library, has started a website about the matter. Check it out at:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hunting is a huge part of the rural lifestyle in Gasport. It puts food on our tables and creates great adventures in the outdoors.

If you'd like to bring a family member -- young or old -- into the sport, Little Ridge Archery at 8862 Ridge Rd. will be offering the DEC-required hunter education course this fall.

You must pre-register. Call Roy and Nancy at 716-772-7598 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm only. You may bring a beverage. Class size is limited to 20 students.

You must attend all sessions:

10/24/2011: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
10/26/2011: 6:00 - 9:00 pm
10/28/2011: 6:00 - 10:00 pm

Monday, September 26, 2011


The fall craft show and flea market will take place on Sunday, October 2nd from 10 am -4pm at the Gasport fire hall. Refreshments will be available. This event is sponsored by the Ladies Auxillary. For more info call 716-772-2551.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This week saw 10 cars get broken into on the 2400 block of Hartland Road and the 8400 block of Seaman Road.

According to Sheriff's reports, among the things stolen:

* A GPS unit
* A wallet with $50 and 3 bank cards
* An MP3 player
* $200 cash that had been the proceeds from a Boy Scout fundraiser

In every case, the owners had left their vehicles unlocked in their driveways.

This should serve as a wake-up call to Gasport area residents: Lock your car doors and watch for suspicious activity in your neighborhood during the overnight hours.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


The Roy-Hart school board meets tonight at 7:00 PM in the high school media center. Download the agenda here:


For every weekend now through October, Becker Farms will be having their annual Pumpkin Fiesta.

The dates are as follows...

September 24, 25,
October 1,2, 8, 9, 10, 15 16, 22, 23, 29, 30

Here's what Becker Farms has to say about the event...

This is a terrific way to celebrate the harvest season! The great Pumpkin Fiesta is a fun family activity that the kids will remember and want to return to year after year. The Fiesta is every Saturday and Sunday from mid-September to the end of October. Free Live music from 1pm to 4pm. Wine tasting $2 and beer tasting $5 Food available in the cantina and cafe. enjoy food from the frier as well as our famous chicken bbq & ribs!

All events are weather permitting

Pumpkin Fiesta Activities also available:

Hillbilly Bob's "Pig Rock Derby" Pig Races with music, laughter, and prizes for the whole family.

-The Castle Labyrinth that will keep you guessing which way is out!.

-Our NEW Phylotec - the bioengineering station gone wrong!

-Pony rides around the old oak tree.

-Hay rides through the forest and fields

.-The Tryke Track- John Deere Tricycle rentals With new adult size kart

- New duck races, and sling shot

-Come jump in the inflatable bounce house. Visit the playground and play on the big straw bales; jump in the hay stacks; slide down the big slides and play in the sandbox!

-Visit the farm animals and fish pond

Becker Mountain - Thrust from the depth of the earth, Becker Mountain towers over Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards to provide fun for the whole family. Climb to the summit and take a crack at your aiming skills with our SUPER SLING SHOT or take in a gorgeous view of the estate. Heights not your thing? Then sit back and relax next to our new duck pond found at the base camp of Becker Mountain.

Phylotec - In our quest to bring you the best in farming technology we have been experimenting using the latest in genetic research. But something has gone wrong! When used incorrectly the very technology that can be used to make the best tasting fruits and vegetables will create terrifying man eating monsters! Make your way through twisting passages of terror and try to survive the biogenetic disaster area that is phylotec. Coming this fall to the Haunted Hayride!

The New Corn Maze - Just when you thought we had nothing more to offer you we slide in a curve ball with our time honored traditional corn maze! Located behind the Labyrinth near our new Becker Mountain.

The Pumpkin Fiesta is a great activity for the under-12 crowd to share with their parents or grandparents. It's open from 12 to 5pm. Pig Races are at 12 noon, 2 and 4pm. These activities are open to the public so families of all sizes are encouraged to come out and play!


Mary Cedeno, who has been leading the charge to facilitate an informed vote for the Middleport library tax, has sent us a letter to the editor as a follow-up to Monday's library board meeting.

By Mary Cedeno

Some of my co-workers were surprised that I would take a vacation day for "politics". Well, it can certainly be called "politics", but to me, this is not simply a fight over a new tax. This is a fight to maintain my freedoms and liberties, afforded to me by the people who fought in wars, and died, or came back maimed, and many mentally scarred for the rest of their lives; my father and uncle among them. My father buried his brother twice, once in Guadalcanal when he died on the battlefield next to him, and again after they brought his body back to the US. I never got to meet that uncle, uncle John, but there is a memorial to him at a small park in the Town of Niagara.

And the more I thought about that, the more disgusted I became as I stared at those smug looks on the faces of the Library board members as they peered over their glasses and down their noses at us, the taxpayers, the voters, the Americans whose freedoms and liberties they so disregarded.

The library board refused to answer any questions from the taxpayers who took time out of their lives to attend this "public" meeting. They simply stared at us as we scolded them, and explained to them that according to the NYS Dept. of Education, THEY are supposed to be the advocates for the taxpayer in this case. But it was painfully obvious to all of us sitting in this crowded, tiny, upstairs room of the Village library, these people apparently have only one cause in mind and that is THEIR OWN.

While it is still debatable whether they have indeed followed the letter of the law or not, it is clear that the intent of publishing the notices in the paper is to alert the community to the vote. From the facts surrounding us, I think we all can see that this Library Board had no intention of alerting the community at large about their plans for expansion and taxation. The fact that they hide behind the letter of the law makes that obvious. They didn't want discussion or opinions, before or after the vote...they simply wanted your money.

Let's face it, newspapers are becoming as obsolete as libraries and there are already two other larger libraries in the vicinity (Medina and Lockport). Computers have taken over, and kids don't go to libraries to do research for papers anymore, they do it from their laptops in their bedrooms, or at the school library.

I encourage every patriot who has had a loved one serve, die, or come back maimed from a war, to get behind our cause...our cause is just, it is the VOTE that we are fighting to maintain; it is NOT about a village library.


Earlier this week the Lockport paper ran some great articles about the Middleport library issue. Since then, the Medina Journal Register has posted the articles online.

The first can be read here:

The second can be read here:


On Wednesday a Gasport man was sentenced to 10 years in state prison by Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon Sperrazza.

John Corra, 33, will also receive 5 years of post release supervision.

Corra pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree burglary last month. He was arrested in December of 2010 for breaking in to a Newfane home where, while wearing a mask, he hit the homeowner with a baseball bat before he tied up the victim and his wife with a vacuum cleaner cord.

Corra then took the homeowner’s SUV and was caught by deputies after a car and foot chase.

Friday, September 16, 2011


The Daily News of Batavia features a nice write-up about the Roy-Hart class of 1945 holding what has become an annual reunion...

The ‘‘Class of ’57’’ may have had its dreams, according to the hit song by the Statler Brothers, but so did Royalton-Hartland's Class of ’45.

On Wednesday eight of the 22 still surviving met for lunch at Darrell's to recall those dreams and hash over old memories. There were 37 total in the class.

Because of their ages, the class has been getting together for lunch every year for some time.

Read the entire article, with some nice stories about the seniors, here:


On February 21st a 15-year old Royalton youth -- identied at the time as Dillon Brown by WIVB TV -- shot his twin brother in the hip following an argument over marijuana at their Riddle Road home. He pleaded guilty to second-degree assualt and was finally sentenced on Tuesday.

So what did he get?

Niagara County Family Court Judge John F. Batt gave the now 16-year-old 1 year probation and continued counseling. Conditions of the probation include alcohol counseling; a ban on weapons; passing drug tests; and completion of a GED.

Does anyone else see this as too light of a punishment?

He could have been -- and should have been -- sent to a state youth detention facility, to say the least.


Two months ago Medina firefighter Shane Ackerson was killed on his way home from Delphi when his truck was hit by a car on Route 31 just west of Orangeport Road.

Now, his widow has filed a suit against the other driver, Ramon Brege, also of Medina. The suit by lawyer Howard Cohen alleges negligence, carelessness and recklessness.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I always welcome letters to the editor for this blog. This is the place to voice your concerns about issues that affect us in the towns of Hartland and Royalton.

One of our readers has done just that. Mary Cedeno sent us a letter about the library tax issue which has really caught off-guard a vast majority of taxpayers in the school district.

Here's Mary's letter...

Three ladies in the library

If you were like my husband and I, you received your school tax bill in the mail, set it aside, and then really looked at, when you were about to write the check. What you may NOT have seen, was the NEW line item titled "Library Tax". When I contacted the School to investigate this NEW tax, I discovered that the Middleport Free Library had a vote in June to add a new tax to our bills. I wondered how this all came about, and why didn't I hear anything about this, or get a card in the mail about the vote???

I began to get even more interested when I learned that the vote tally was 176 votes for, and 12 against. The result is, that in a school district of over 9400 voters, LESS than 2% of the people were polled.

I was even more interested to learn that the only communication the library bothered to put out were the required notices in the legal section of the Lockport and Medina newspapers, and apparently a sign at the local village Wilson Farms.

If you know anything about the Roy-Hart school district, you know it's BIG. The district encompasses parts of SIX towns, Royalton, Hartland, Shelby, Ridgeway, Alabama and Lockport. Yet, it appears that only the PATRONS of the library and few passers by of the local Wilson Farms were even notified of this vote.

According to the NY State Education law, section 259 a vote for new library tax is to be held only AFTER a public campaign is held to inform the voters, AND the tally needs to be at least 10% of the number who voted for Governor in the last Governors election, AND it needs to be held by GENERAL ELECTION. General Election, to my mind means the first Tuesday in November, in the voting booth at our normal polling place. I was stunned to learn that this vote was taken AT the library, by paper ballot.

If you have your taxes paid through escrow, this new tax will have totally gone unnoticed by you; and the fact that you knew nothing about a vote in the community to add it to your bill, well, I guess that is just the way it goes if you ask the Library Board. They feel they did everything their lawyer told them to, so it's a done deal. No problem for them that less than 2% of the affected community was able to have a voice.

Yes, voter apathy runs rampant in our communities and throughout the country. However, it appears to me that the Library failed to announce the vote to the community, and thought (perhaps hoped?) that they could get away with this nearly secretive vote, since it went in their favor. Our part of the state is constantly being hoodwinked by the dirty dealings of Three Men in a Room in Albany. Now, we apparently have to worry about Three Ladies in the Library too!

Why Mrs. Wagner and the rest of the Library Board thinks that a poll of less than 2% of the community is valid to strap everyone in the school district with a new tax, well, that's beyond my understanding. But if you come out to the Library for the public meeting on Monday at 7pm, you can ask them yourself. Hope to see you there, 9 Vernon St., Middleport, bring a friend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'd like to get back into the habit of monthly interviews for the Gasport blog. Which movers and shakers in Royalton and Hartland would you like to see interviewed? Business owners, activists, teachers, farmers, elected officials, people with a story to tell, YOU...everyone is fair game! Send your ideas to


On Saturday September 17th, Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center is celebrating their sixth Saddle Up for Roswell event.

This is a wonderful horse show where the riders raise money for Roswell. The day benefits cancer research and patient care in Western New York at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The Chestnut Ridge Equestrian community is passionate about cancer – a cause that has touched so many in one way or another – and are proud to partner with Roswell Park to assist those who face this disease.

Over the past 6 years, they have raised a staggering $65310!

Last year alone they had over a hundred riders, raising $10310.

For more information please contact Megan Gamin, Co Chairman of Saddle Up for Roswell, at (716) 772-7703 or

Check out the website at:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


On Saturday my wife delivered our first child, a beautiful baby girl named Alexandria.

We look forward to a lifetime of adventures with her.

And, there's no better place to raise a child than right here in Gasport!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Gasport newest eatery is open for business. Petunia's Pizzeria is operating of the site that once was Austin's Pizza and Maria's. They have the same phone number: 772-2210.

One of the blog's readers emailed to say it's GREAT!! She thinks the crust and pizza sauce are all homemade and noted they have regular, sweet or Petunia sauce which is a sweet and tangy sauce. She and her family had the sweet and it was awesome. They ordered some wings and sampled some things like onion rings, broccoli bites, etc. "Everything was amazing," she said. She also said that the hot sauce on the wings was not a typical Frank's hot sauce, it was so much better... a real tangy hot sauce. "HIGHLY recommended" she concluded.

I have yet to try their pizza (but will next week). I've heard that the owner is Dominick Ciliberto. If memory serves me correct, his mother used to run Gina's (where the Talk of The Town is now) when I was a teenager. I remember her pizza subs being out of this world. If the family recipe was shared with Petunia's, it's gotta be good.


The Johnny Appleseed Festival runs this weekend -- September 10th & 11th -- at Becker Farms.

Fun for the whole family! Pony rides and hayrides. Music by fiddlestix. Chicken BBQ. Apples will be available in the farm market and for U-pick. Local Lunches. Both the Winerey and Brewery will be open.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Greenlief's restaurant on Route 31 is up for sale.

Woodroe Realty is the realtor and they are marketing the site for $99,900. Their website says the following:

Great opportunity to own your own business. This restaurant is a turn key opperation. Central air, Includes seating for 49, Paved parking for the same. Equipment includes 42" flat grill, enclosed hood with Ansol system, forced air return, two deep fryers, large 2 door reach in cooler, 2 stand up freezers, 1 chest freezer, convection oven, ice machine, meat slicer, condinment server, milk shake machine, misc stainless cabinets and cookware. Chairs, tables, linens, booths, cash register and more. Owner will sell the land and building without the equipment.

To see the listing, go here:


Just a reminder to Gasport seniors...Niagara County nutrition services will NOT be offered this Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.


Absolut Care will be hosting its annual 9/11 memorial service on Sunday, September 11th at 8:30 AM at the Gasport marina and boat launch on Telegraph Road.

The service will include a presentation of a 10th anniversary commemorative flag to the Gasport fire company. There will be music, speakers, and a floral tribute on the Erie Canal. Participants will include Roy-Hart students, the Middleport Community Choir, and community leaders.

The public is encouraged to attend.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Around 2:00 this afternoon a call went out on the police radio for 5-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a swimming pool on Drum Road. He was resuscitated by his family through CPR and airlifted to Women and Children's Hospital by Mercy Flight.

Friday, September 2, 2011


This Sunday and Labor Day Becker Farms hosts its annual Harvest Festival.

There will be U-Pick Macintosh apples, pony rides, hay rides, a petting zoo and a playground for the kids.

The adults have their own playground: Vizcarra Vineyard and the Becker Brewing Company will be open.

There will be a chicken BBQ, fresh fruits and vegetables, home-made pies, jams, sweet cider and wines.

Editor's note: While there, be sure to have some of their ridiculously-delicious doughnuts!


Here's the schedule for the Roy-Hart/Barker varsity football team:

Sept 3rd Elba/Byron-Bergen at the Barker field; 1:30
Sept 9th @Pembroke; 7:00
Sept 16th @Alexander; 7:00
Sept 23rd Oakfield-Alabama at the Roy-Hart field; 7:00
Oct 1st Holley at the Barker field; 1:30
Oct 7th @Attica; 7:00
Oct 14th Notre Dame "Homecoming" at the Roy-Hart field; 7:00

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Zoey Haynes is 9 years old and she will be entering the 4th grade at Gasport Elementary this year. She was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in February.

She and her family have learned of many people right here in Gasport that have this disease (or Colitis) and would like them to be aware of a walk happening in Lockport. There has never been a walk for the Niagara County Region so hopefully it can bring people together that suffer from Crohn's & Colitis.

The walk -- Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis -- will take place in Lockport at Wide Waters Marina on October 29. Registration will be at 9:00 A.M. Walk starts at 10:00 A.M.

Check out the event online:

Zoey has been chosen to be the local Honored Hero. See her story here:

If anybody would like to volunteer or donate a basket it would be greatly appreciated. Contact Jeanenne Petri via email at or phone: 716.362.1232. Or call Jean West at 772.7571.


This has marked the first week of the Gasport letter carriers' relocation to the Middleport Post Office. This will have minimal impact on Gasport zip code residents. The mail may be delivered a little later. And, any notice-left accountable mail needing a signature will be available for pick-up at the Middleport office from 9:00 to 4:30, Monday - Friday and 9:00 to noon on Saturdays. It is located at 42 Main Street in the village of Middleport.

The Gasport post office will remain open for PO boxes and retail services.

The zip code and "Gasport" designation will remain intact, as well. So, fear not, we're not losing our identity!


Based on the calls to WLVL today and the rumblings I've seen on Facebook, a lot of people have been shocked to discover that their Roy-Hart school tax bills now feature an average addition of $25 to fund the Middleport Free Library.

This add-on - based on a $103,000 budget request from the library - was accomplished by a special election on June 7, election so special even I had no idea this was coming down the pipeline!

Please note, this was independent of the regular school budget vote. They were held weeks apart.

The participating voters voted 164-12 in favor of funding the library. This changes the service area (as designated by the charter provided by the NY Department of Education) for the library from the Village of Middleport to the Royalton-Hartland Central School District, making it accessible to all district residents.