Friday, August 30, 2019

August's rainfall

August continued our wet 2019 in Gasport. 11 days saw some rainfall. 3 of those had been only a trace. Total rainfall was 6.23". The 3 rainiest days:

The 6th: 2.45" (a MAJOR soaker!)
The 21st: 0.9"
The 17th: 0.8"

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Join Pack 18

Who needs Amazon? We have Standish-Jones!

Everybody loves the convenience of Amazon, but what's more convenient -- and more impactful -- than shopping in your own community?

Amazon might have everything, but when was the last time you visited Standish-Jones Building Supply? They seem to have everything, too! Their inventory is varied and deep -- they are more than just hardware.

When you shop at Amazon what are you supporting?

A multi-billion dollar corporation and a far away distribution center that probably got tax breaks.

When you shop at Standish-Jones what are you supporting?

The answer: GASPORT.

Your purchase:

* Keeps local folks -- your neighbors! -- employed
* Pays local sales taxes that go back into our own county
* Helps a business pay property and school taxes in our community
* Keeps vibrant a business that is a part of local history
* Ensures you get quality customer service, something you can't from a computer
* Invests in Gasport. The folks at S-J donate so much time, money, and supplies to Gasport causes. They're good people who do good for all!

Pay them a visit. Buy local.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Roadside stand spotlight

The Branch Ranch is located on the corner of Ridge and Wruck Roads in Gasport. They sell free range farm fresh eggs for $2.00 and have free waters and bracelets in their stand. When their flag is up, eggs are in the fridge. They have a YouTube channel that all can subscribe and share. Here is their link:

Monday, August 26, 2019

Roadside stand spotlight

Childs Farm 9774 Chestnut Ridge Middleport, east of Griswold St. Self serve.

Roadside stand spotlight

Teacup Farm. Corner of Johnson Creek and Townline. Self serve open daily 8am-7pm. White and Chocolate cow milk, plain and maple yogurt, feta, Flomage Blanc, cheese curds, cream, goat milk, fudge and eggs. Feel free to say hi to animals up front after shopping in the store.

Roadside stand spotlight

J.B. Luke and Sons Farm. Ernest Rd ,Gasport. Corn, some seasonal produce, and pork.

Monday, August 19, 2019


Mark your calendar for Roy-Hart's homecoming event -- RAMFEST and its parade on Friday, September 27th. Activities starting at 4:00, with the parade starting at 5:00.

RAMFEST was a hit last year and organizers plan on adding a lot more to make it family friendly and something the whole RH community can enjoy.

Last year they had bounce houses, games, activities, a petting zoo, face painting, goodies by Alternative Grounds, and a chicken bbq. This year they are adding Touch a Truck activities and demonstrations.

Any club or business that would like to contribute in any way to the activities or parade can contact Kelly Halstead at 716.949.6349.

Sweeney receives ag education award

Earlier today, Morning Ag Clips posted a report on the Agricultural Educators Conference held earlier this summer. At the event they recognized their Outstanding Young Member/Educator of the year – Matt Sweeney from Royalton-Hartland

Saddle Up 2019

Dr. Stopinski's weekly message

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Harris to host Hartland Fire tonight

Tonight (Thursday, August 15th) at 7pm head to Harris Farm on Route 104 in Gasport to explore the equipment and the machinery that the Hartland Fire Company uses...climb on the fire trucks and meet the volunteers! 50% of Harris's ice cream proceeds today will be donated to the fire company and as well as 100% of your tips and donations.

Map for solar project

Hartland solar farm

Here's the US&J's report on the solar farm proposed for Hartland:

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Solar farm in Gasport

There is the possibility of a solar farm in Hartland. The open house is tonight. 350 megawatts would require a VERY large area.