Thursday, September 8, 2011


Gasport newest eatery is open for business. Petunia's Pizzeria is operating of the site that once was Austin's Pizza and Maria's. They have the same phone number: 772-2210.

One of the blog's readers emailed to say it's GREAT!! She thinks the crust and pizza sauce are all homemade and noted they have regular, sweet or Petunia sauce which is a sweet and tangy sauce. She and her family had the sweet and it was awesome. They ordered some wings and sampled some things like onion rings, broccoli bites, etc. "Everything was amazing," she said. She also said that the hot sauce on the wings was not a typical Frank's hot sauce, it was so much better... a real tangy hot sauce. "HIGHLY recommended" she concluded.

I have yet to try their pizza (but will next week). I've heard that the owner is Dominick Ciliberto. If memory serves me correct, his mother used to run Gina's (where the Talk of The Town is now) when I was a teenager. I remember her pizza subs being out of this world. If the family recipe was shared with Petunia's, it's gotta be good.