Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Lift bridge out of service


Lift bridge update:

The Canal Corporation has identified the problem with the Gasport lift bridge as being a hydraulic issue. They have contractors on site and hope to have the bridge back in service in the next 7 to 14 days.

Commuters and first responders, plan your travels accordingly.

Mitten Tree

When you’re out and about shopping for Christmas, please extend your giving beyond your family. Please buy a gift for a needy child in Royalton and Hartland.

This is the fifteenth year for the awesome Mitten Tree program that is run by the Gasport Lions Club.

Here’s how it works…

A tree is located out front of the Gasport post office, another is outside the Middleport post office, and there are some mittens available at the front desk of the Royalton Town Hall. Take a mitten and give a gift that is appropriate to the age/gender of the child noted on the mitten. Attach the mitten to the unwrapped gift and drop it off at Drum Oil or the Royalton-Hartland Elementary School.

The Lions Club will distribute the gifts in time for the holidays. They typically serve around 125 children.

Please participate and make Christmas a little better for a child – maybe even your neighbor – who is in need. That’s what the holiday is all about.

The deadline to drop-off your gifts is Friday, December 10th. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Hunters breakfast in Wolcottsville


Food pantry distribution

If you know of a family in need in the towns of Royalton or Hartland, the Gasport Food Pantry's monthly distribution is this Saturday (note that it's a week ahead of schedule because of Thanksgiving) 



Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Tri-Town to pay volunteers


Date: 11/16/21

Re: Staffing

It is no secret that nationally healthcare in all forms has been facing an unprecedented challenge these past few years.

Tri-Town is no exception. Tri-Town has served Gasport, Middleport, Terrys Corners and Hartland since 1968. It is our mission to continue our service well into the future as your local EMS provider.
At our last company meeting we have approved an initiative aimed at growing our responder roster and remaining a viable local solution to EMS needs.

While we will remain a not-for-profit volunteer organization; starting January 1, 2022 we will be offering a "paid-per-call" initiative.

We see it within our roster where members have dual income households, and some are holding 2 jobs to help make ends meet. With 3-4 hour calls becoming the "norm", we feel if we offer an incentive it could assist in EMS providers willing to help the "local issue" while earning a stipend to help their families.

Over the past several years we have seen a growing number of calls going to Buffalo and Rochester, where a call may exceed 4 hours.

This stipend program is aimed to assist in growing our local responder base and keeping a local EMS resource viable.

All current and future members are automatically enrolled in this "paid-on-call" initiative, and have the option to "opt-out" of payment. For those who are enrolled in the "paid-per-call" initiative, you will be paid as a vendor and will receive a tax document at the end of the year to claim on your annual tax filings.

To be part of this, you must be a member of our company and pulling 12 hours per month on our schedule. You will still earn "pay-per-call" while on the schedule, but as a minimum benchmark you must pull duty hours in addition to any "off-duty" calls you may want to respond on.

The pay schedule is as follows:

Drivers: $40.00 per call
EMT-Basic: $45.00 per call
AEMT: $50.00 per call
EMT-CC/Medic: $60.00 per call

If interested, you may apply now or anytime in the future. We have increased our new member committee to incorporate all Line Officers and several Board nenbers to tackle what we hope is a surge in applications.

You may apply on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Philip Richardson
Tri-Town Ambulance

Monday, November 8, 2021

Scouting For Food


Over the past weekend, Pack 18 issued these hangtags for their annual Scouting For Food Drive. This weekend, they'll be back to collect any non-perishable foods that you set out.

Please help the scouts with this endeavor. Not only does this teach them critical lessons about community, it will help keep the food pantry stocked in this wild era of inflation and supply chain issues.

People truly need your donations, now more than ever: Because of escalating costs for consumers, 30% of families have skipped meals to save money. Let's help them and let's help the food pantry (they face the same escalating costs that we all do).

Thank you to the Scouts!

Thank you to YOU!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bazaar and turkey dinner


Hartland race is undecided


The race for the town of Hartland council seats is up in the air. Based on the chart below, most everyone thought the election was decided because it was assumed the two write-ins split the vote of 572.

The Board of Elections has indicated that the 572 are not write-in votes per se....they are BALLOTS that have write-ins. Theoretically, they could have two write-ins each (because it was a "pick two" situation).

This won't be decided until counts of the write-ins begin on the 15th.

Roy-Hart weights SRO

Talks regarding a full-time school resource officer position (SRO) are being held by the Royalton-Hartland School District, but it won't be until next year before anything is final.


Recent Gasport themed articles from the Lockport US&J

 Town justice candidates lock horns in Hartland race: https://www.lockportjournal.com/news/town-justice-candidates-lock-horns-in-hartland/article_2ca40262-36b5-11ec-819c-cb128e30bc3b.html?fbclid=IwAR3JPiODUCWODr_GBTefmyIgkA83QiXjhfyGGmEWVH1PdsjvMbFYwNo19V4


Hartland keeps tax rate steady: https://www.lockportjournal.com/news/local_news/hartland-keeps-tax-rate-steady/article_acb5afd8-20ee-5350-b891-c1d0fa6c3095.html?fbclid=IwAR1oZTXQLgivy-heKvX1HvkYMrncCBeLqTUCeMwhptlDzjcwOekIiqdp9Z0


 Solar center pitch drives contest in Hartland: https://www.lockportjournal.com/news/local_news/solar-center-pitch-drives-contests-in-hartland/article_b180d0af-49e9-5396-806f-49952ccd54f6.html?fbclid=IwAR3sepj-de0nNWZ7O4zDLSxdpMWNxpruGO8B8ZRD9KWDsh0SYBhTvpdEmxY