Monday, November 9, 2009


The editorial board at the Lockport Union Sun and Journal gave kudos to the Roy-Hart district in this editorial that ran in Friday's paper...

This past week, we featured a front page story on sexting, which is when someone combines a cell phone text with a sexually explicit message or photo.It’s a trend that is making its way to local schools. In some cases it’s already there, whether parents realize it or not.

Realizing it’s happening in the schools, or with local youths in general, is one thing, dealing with it and proactively combating it is another. After our reporter called around to every school district we cover, we found just Royalton-Hartland was willing to speak out about how they are dealing with the issues. Kudos to Roy-Hart for being so forthcoming and proactive.

Suspensions can result if a student or students are found sexting, but really, the Roy-Hart school district, in cooperation with the sheriff’s department, wants to enlighten students on the right and wrong way to use any technology, including cell phones.

If other school districts are not addressing this, we have to ask why. If it’s just a matter of pretending it’s not there, those districts are in deep trouble.

As for parents, they should look to the district to help facilitate discussion on what’s right and wrong with cell phones, e-mail, Internet and more. But it doesn’t stop with the schools. Parents need to make a real choice on whether their children even need a cell phone and are mature enough to use a cell phone.

Look, we all know kids will be kids — heck, some adults still act like kids. But technology moves so fast and in a way and with methods that some parents couldn’t have even conceived when they were in school. But with technology comes good, helpful advancements and then you get the ugly reality of technology with things like sexting.

Embrace technology, but be mindful that not all technology will be used for good. Education is always the way to go with any advancements.