Saturday, February 7, 2009


Every spring the Niagara County Soil & water Conservation District sells DEC-raised saplings for local residents to plant for use in conservation projects and lawns. Last year alone, over 60,100 trees were distributed across the county. Heck, I planted over 200 trees on our spread last year.

It's a really great program for two reasons...

1) It gives you access to many different species of trees and shrubs suitable for a wide variety of soil. So, there's trees available for any conservation project you may have, like: creating a hedgerow, planting foodstuff for birds & mammals, starting a woodlot, stifling erosion, improving your lawn and more.

2) It's cheap. You could never buy these types and amounts of trees from a local nursery without paying an arm and a leg. These trees are a great buy.

The order form is available here: