Saturday, March 20, 2021

Roy-Hart values


Superintendent's Message:

Dear School Community Members,

Over the past three months, our Strategic Planning Committee has been engaged in the process of developing a set of values that represent who we are as a Roy-Hart community. Surveys were gathered from over 225 people, over 125 people were involved in focus group conversations and the Planning Committee has met for multiple hours working to synthesize all of the feedback. On March 10, the Board of Education accepted the recommendations of the Planning Committee regarding the Vision, Mission and Values of the District moving forward. They include:

The Vision: The Royalton‐Hartland Central School District’s vision is to prepare students to reach their fullest potential by providing them with the resources, knowledge and skills they need to be respectful, accountable, motivated and successful in their chosen paths.

The Mission: Live the RAMS way, every day!

The Values: The RAMS Way includes our Roy-Hart Community being Respectful, Accountable, Motivated and Successful.

In the coming months, the District will be working to implement the new vision, mission and values in all that we do.

As always, please continue the use of masks, physical distancing and handwashing. Together, we can keep our schools open and continue to provide the instruction and services needed by our children.


Dr. Hank Stopinski

Superintendent of Schools