Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Down on the Farm

Verratti Farms will be hosting “Down on the Farm” on October 6th from 10:00 to 3:00. It is is a day to come out and have fun with family and friends. Everyone at Verratti Farms is pitching in together to give the community an old- fashioned good time.

Admission is FREE but donations are gratefully accepted. And, if you’re scratchin’ your head, wonderin’ anythin’ at all – call Ruth Verratti at (716) 864-9634 or message them through their Facebook page.

Events (More thrillin’ than findin’ an old pickup truck buried under your porch!)

▪ Hay Rides
▪ StrawBaleMaze
▪ Kid’s Activities (Face Paintin’, Cookie Decoratin)
▪ Churn your own butter
▪ ChickenBarbeque (We’ll be chowin’ at 12 Noon sharp)
▪ Ice Cream Bar (With all the toppins your li’l heart could hope for!)
▪ SockShowdown-The person with the most holes wins! (just kiddin’ bout this one)
▪ CountryLineDancin’

Verratti Farms merchandise will be available for sale. Cash only. Proceeds go towards event costs.

What to Bring

▪ A large dish to pass AND a dessert (And if ya would be so inclined, please put yer name on yer dish or better yet – use disposable!)
▪ Your least fancy clothes/shoes
▪ Camera (Many photo ops)
▪ Any extra friends you may have lying around
▪ Strollers/wagons for children.

Please keep children supervised; there are too many places for young’uns to get into a heap of trouble!

The Facebook event page is: