Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Niagara County’s newly appointed Highways czar spent several hours late last week briefing county leaders about the county’s $1.6 million 2016 road repair plan, before releasing the document to the public.

The plan, termed “comprehensive” by Deputy Commissioner of Public Works for Highways Dean Lapp, includes more than 31 miles of resurfacing on 15 county roads and more than 40 miles of crack repairs on 14 highways, as well as shoulder repair work set for eight county roads.

What county roads are impacted in Royalton and Hartland?

Crack filling:

·   Stone Road, from Middleport Erie Canal bridge to Route 104, Hartland
·   Griswold Street, from Graham Road to Route 77, Royalton
·   Royalton Center Road, from Griswold Street to Haseley Road, Royalton

Shoulder resurfacing:
·   Gasport Road, from Route 77 to Bunker Hill Road, Royalton

Road resurfacing:
·   Stone Road, from Middleport village line to Route 104, Royalton
·   Orangeport Road, from the 4200s to Route 104, Royalton
·   Griswold Street, from Route 77 to Graham Road, Royalton