Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Yesterday's brief Lockport Union Sun & Journal article mentioning a public hearing about the Royalton-Hartland school district's new dress code made for a lot of speculation by parents.

The proposed code is available in its entirety on pages 19  to 21 of the Code of Conduct working document that can be downloaded here:

I have scanned those pages and posted them here as images so you can see what language got struck and what got added. Click on any of the 3 photos to make them larger.

You will see that they are reasonable changes and go a long ways in addressing some of the very questionable sartorial senses of the kids and the parents who allow them to go to school dressed as they are. It's sad that you even have to make rules about this.

If you want to prepare students for the real world and the expectations of professionalism that come with it, this dress code is a good start. "Bravo" to the Roy-Hart school board.

The public hearing will take part at 7:00 PM tonight (Wednesday, October 1st) as a part of the school board's monthly meeting.