Friday, June 7, 2013


Today's component of the annual school analysis from the folks at Business First looks at teacher access in the 98 school districts in WNY.

What is teacher access? It ranks schools on providing the best opportunities for students to interact with teachers, aides, counselors and other educators.

#1 ranked West Valley has a pupil-teacher ratio of 8.3-to-1 is the second-best in Western New York, considerably better than the 11.4-to-1 ratio that's the regional average.

According to today's news release, Roy-Hart is second to last in WNY.

Now, is that really a bad thing like the report makes it out to be?

8.3-to-1, even 11.4-to-1, is really pushing things. When my generation -- and those before us -- were kids, we had 20(+) students in a classroom. Most of those teachers served us well and we turned out just fine.

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