Friday, June 29, 2012


Just yesterday on WLVL's "Niagara's Talking" host Donna Pieszala and I were talking about how disappointing it is that local schools no longer focus on farming. Then, out of pure coincidence, that matter came up at last night's school board meeting thanks to the efforts of Zack Blackburn.

So says the Lockport paper...

The district is considering a Future Farmers of America club, a youth agricultural education program Roy-Hart offered just a few years ago. Members of FFA develop leadership and career skills while competing in various events, often at state or regional conventions.

The article also notes some bad news, something in line with recent postings on this blog...

....Board President Patricia Riegle addressed a concern of parents about a large group of students who failed the trigonometry Regents exam. There were also a number of Roy-Hart kids who failed the trigonometry Regents exam last year. Parents said review sessions were not offered last year either.

Read the entire excellent article -- which goes into detail about both issues -- here: