Sunday, March 11, 2012


Roy-Hart students sometimes get some unfair barbs thrown at them from other school districts, with some of the students in local cities and suburbs thinking our students are uneducated hicks.

Our students always disprove the stereotypes and they've done it again with vigor: No one came close to matching Roy-Hart's participation at the Odyssey of the Mind. Of the more than 200 students from Niagara, Orleans, and Erie Counties, nearly a fifth of them were from Royalton-Hartland! Wow!

Today's Niagara Gazette says:

Royalton-Hartland had seven of the 41 teams participating Saturday. Adam Eschborn, a Roy-Hart teacher who coached four of the teams, said he’s happy to have so many students interested in Odyssey.

“It’s cool to have so many teams involved,” Eschborn said. “There’s not always opportunities for students to work on their problem solving skills.”

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