Sunday, March 18, 2012


The sports section of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle features a great feature story about Gasport's own Makiplastic....

Due to unseasonably warm temperatures, ice was mostly confined to people’s drinks this winter.

The sport of ice fishing was put on ice.

And then there was Scott Brauer, engineer, inventor, teacher, businessman and unapologetically an “ice fishing freak.”’

Thanks to some brilliant ingenuity and his passion for sharing his knowledge about catching fish, Brauer was one of the few guys this winter who experienced sitting in a shanty, hunched over a hole and feeling the excitement of a tug on his line.

In fact, he could enjoy the ice fishing experience all year long, anywhere, if he desired. All it took was constructing a 500-gallon portable “ice fishing”’ aquarium that he stocks with pan fish and trout for his teaching seminars.

At the recent Rochester Sportsman’s Expo at the Dome Center, Brauer, 48, sat atop the giant steel tank that weighs 700 pound empty and fished through holes cut in a platform. A steady crowd of kids and adults schooled in front of his display and stared through the crystal clear half-inch aquarium glass lit an eerie green, mesmerized by the rainbow trout that checked out Brauer’s wide assortment of micro-plastic baits.

Those baits are made by Makiplastic Inc., of Gasport, Niagara County, Brauer’s family-owned and operated business.

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