Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Mike Bailey is a sports reporter and columnist from the Irondequoit Post. For today's paper he penned an excellent column about our school's football team and its standing in the league...

It's a bird, it's a plane, It's Barker/Roy-Hart.

When I noticed that Aquinas had lost their regular season football finale to Cathedral Prep of Pennsylvania, I figured that would give Eastridge or Brockport the top seed in the Section 5 Class A sectionals. After all those were the two unbeaten teams left in the class for our section.

Or so I thought.

I have to admit I was part confused, part embarrassed and a little more confused to see it was neither of those teams that have the top spot, rather Barker/Roy-Hart, a combined team from Western New York that has the honors and a 7-0 record.

And the team did not swoop in and steal the seed, apparently they have been around all year.

This 'mystery' team comes with quite a story. This is their first year as a combined team. The two schools were a combined 3-11 in 2010 as separate programs - Barker in Class DD Section 5 and Roy-Hart in Section 6. Budget issues forced the two schools to think about a merge and Royalton-Hartland High School and Barker High School became Barker/Roy-Hart for football purposes.

They played games at both team's high schools and even had two homecoming games. One school's coach took over the head coaching job while the other was names assistant.

They were placed into Section 5 for competition and incredibly ran the table in the Genesee Region.
But their wins aren't going to blow any onlookers away. They defeated Elba, Pembroke, Alexander, Oakfield-Alabama, Holley, Attica and Notre Dame in order this year to take the league title.

None of their wins are against a Class A school and as far as strength of schedule goes, all teams in the bracket have a harder one then the top seed.

With all due respect to the team, the No. 8 seed Cougars of Honeoye Falls-LIma has to be thrilled to get this draw. In year's past a bottom seed meant playing Aquinas and an automatic bounce from the postseason.

Without ever seeing Barker/Roy-Hart play, I'd have to say it's a game that HF-L feels they can win, based solely on schedule strength. This is a team that beat Irondequoit and only lost twice against schools their size.

Eastridge has the No. 2 seed in the bracket with Brockport taking three and Aquinas four.

I am really looking forward to seeing the results from the game on Friday night. A win from the hosts would be a huge accomplishment and they would really solidify themselves as a team to be reckoned with in this class.

There would be no sneaking up on anyone with a sectional semifinals appearance.