Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Local media outlets have been reporting on an Orchard Park standoff that ended with a suicide. The individual was 32-year old Albert Raab who graduated from Royalton-Hartland in the 1990s.

According to WIVB TV...

Orchard Park Police Lt. Mark Pacholec says the strict rules and perimeters around the neighborhood were necessary because they arrived at a home at 9:40 p.m. Sunday night to find a distraught man standing outside holding a rifle.

"You don't know what anybody's capable of," said Lt. Pacholec.

Police say they had never been called to this home before. And although the man, who neighbors say has a young wife and child, ran into his home when they got there, it was still a tense situation for all.

"The policeman came over the loud speaker and told the gentlemen to put his gun down and come out with his hands up. Naturally kind of a crazy experience," said Severino.

Sadly, it didn't end that peacefully. Police entered the home just before sunrise to the find man had taken his own life.

Watch the story here:

Man kills himself after police standoff: wivb.com

WIVB ran another story noting how beloved Raab was...

There is much we cannot tell you about what led to a man's suicide after an overnight standoff with Orchard Park Police. We can tell you that it's left behind many broken hearts among the students he taught in East Aurora.

At least 200 people gathered for a spontaneous candle light vigil. The teacher, 32-year-old Albert Raab, was voted 'most popular' by the class of 2009. Raab taught history at East Aurora High School for at least seven years.

Watch that story here:

Students mourn the loss of a teacher: wivb.com