Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today's Buffalo News features a story about Gasport native Brian Wheat's last performance as a Western New York resident...

Brian Wheat is about to shuffle off from Buffalo. But the singer-songwriter couldn’t leave before celebrating the release of his terrific new album “Looking Alive.”

The 30-year-old Gasport native’s wanderin’ boot heels are taking him to Minneapolis, where he has a job teaching high school biology lined up and where his girlfriend’s family lives.

To kick off Friday night at Elmwood Lounge, Wheat ran through an initial set of six “old favorites” with fellow guitarist Pete Gerace.

In a white Western shirt with slicked back hair and homemade chains dangling around his neck, Wheat opened the set with “If Memory Serves” from his first record, 2007’s “Where Have You Been.”

Midway through the set he got all his rowdy friends at the bar to settle down a bit with “For Someone Else” — a timeless gem Wheat said was inspired by a trip to a museum.

Indeed, Wheat’s warm blend of “chamber-folk” flourishes and lush melodies may be better served through a pair of headphones while reclining than in a distracting bar.

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