Monday, July 25, 2011


Sunday's Buffalo News featured a story about graduation rates and the act of graduating on time in Niagara County. According to the article, the statewide graduation rate is 73.4%.

How does Roy-Hart rate?

For freshmen who started in 2005, Roy-Hart saw a 82% graduation rate, third worst in Niagara County behind North Tonawanda (78%) and Niagara Falls (79%). Tops in Niagara County for that peer group was Starpoint at 92%.

For freshman who started in 2006, Roy-Hart saw an 88% graduation rate, a marked improvement. 5 Niagara schools topped 90%, led by Barker at 97%.

It's the dropout rate that's most disconcerting. For 2005 freshmen, Roy-Hart had a staggering 14% dropout rate, far and away leading all of Niagara County. Niagara Falls was second at 10%. For 2006 freshmen, it was quite improved (6%), but still second-worst in Niagara County behind Wilson (8%).

This begs the question: Why is Roy-Hart's dropout rate so high? Most folks would assume Niagara Falls would have a higher rate. After all it is an under-performing school district in a hard-hit, economically and socially depressed city. Look at the very high crime, poverty, single-parent household and unemployment rates in that city. More often than not, those factors lead to high dropout rates.

Why did our fair community - one with a decent quality of life, low crime rates, and strong families - see so many students dropout?

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