Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Lockport Union-Sun and Journal's front page story is certain to shock many Roy-Hart parents and alumni...

There’ll be a few more players on the sidelines this year at Barker and Royalton-Hartland football games. And possibly a few more people in the stands as well.

The two high schools will field combined varsity and modified football teams this year, uniting two communities with schools that have battled declining enrollment and financial hardships. The two will become the Barker/Roy-Hart Raiders and will compete in Section V football this fall.

How does that equate in scheduling?.....

There will be two games each in Barker and at Bruno Pacini Field in Middleport where the Roy-Hart Rams played. The schools will also get their own cheerleaders at games played at their school, as Barker cheerleaders will cheer during games at Barker and two away games, Sept. 16 at Alexander and Oct. 7 at Attica. Roy-Hart cheerleaders will cheer at Roy-Hart home games and an away game Sept. 9 at Pembroke.

Each school will host a Homecoming game too. The Oct. 1 game against Holley will be in Barker for Barker High School’s Homecoming, while the Oct. 14 game against Notre Dame at Roy-Hart will be Roy-Hart’s Homecoming. Barker will host a Sept. 3 game against Elba/Byron-Bergen and Roy-Hart will host a Sept. 23 game against Oakfield-Alabama.

“The (Barker) kids are real excited about playing under the lights (at Pacini Field),” Klatt said.

The combined modified team will also play two home games at each school. Barker will host the Sept. 17 game against Alexander and the Oct. 1 against Albion, while Roy-Hart will host the Sept. 21 game against Pembroke and Oct. 11 game against Elba/Byron-Bergen. The modified team will hit the road to play Sept. 26 at Attica and Oct. 15 at Oakfield-Alabama.

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