Monday, April 4, 2011


The Sunday edition of the Buffalo News featured a cover story about how school spending keeps rising across WNY even though enrollment as a whole has declined considerably.

Get this: Since 2005-2006, WNY schools are spending 27% more per pupil.

There was one lone standout in the report....our very own Royalton-Hartland.

Roy-Hart has the distinction of being the least reckless of the spenders. Spending has grown by "only" 8% (the next lowest is North Collins at 15%). Over that same period our tax levy has grown by just 1%.

Look at how spend-crazy some of the other local districts have been: Barker 18%, Lockport 29%, Newfane 30%, Wilson 41%. It's really disturbing.

Roy-Hart now spends $14,190 per pupil. It's still high (especially compared to the national average), but it's the second lowest amount in all of WNY (Lancaster is best at $14,159) and the lowest by far in Niagara County. Lockport is next at $15,036. On the other end of the spectrum, take a gander at Barker: $20,646...are you kidding me!?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...In WNY, Roy-Hart may have the most proactive school board and administration when it comes to finances. This report proves it.

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