Wednesday, April 20, 2011


WIVB reports on some adventures in Gasport yesterday morning...

Niagara County Sheriff's say they had to chase a suspect both in his car and on foot for two hours before apprehending him in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Police say they received a call around 3 a.m. from a person passing by Boyers Tavern in Gasport, saying they saw suspicious activity. Police say they arrived at the scene and witnessed 33-year-old David Matyjasik leaving the bar. When Matyjasik saw police, authorities say he got into his vehicle and fled.

After a short vehicle pursuit, police say the suspect got out of his car in fled on foot. Multiple agencies responded, including Middleport Police, State Police and the Niagara County Sheriff's K-9 unit, and after a two hour search, arrested Matyjasik on Hartland Road around 5:30 a.m.

Matyjasik is facing charges for Tuesday's alleged burglary as well as charges from a prior incident. He was charged with one count of third degree burglary, resisting arrest, unlawfully fleeing an emergency vehicle, and several vehicle and traffic violations. For the past incidents, Matyjasik was charged with two counts of third degree burglary and two counts of petit larceny.

Matyjasik is being held without bail until further court proceedings.