Saturday, February 5, 2011


The students and families of the Royalton-Hartland School District were motivated to win WKSE's (Kiss 98.5 FM) School Spirit contest in memory of Meghan Redenbach.

They won...and boy, did they ever!

Here's the item from WKSE's website:

Congratulations to all schools that participated in Kiss 98.5's School Spirit 2011, to benefit Women and Children's Hospital. The top 3 schools will get their choice of a concert from BC Jean, Auburn, or The Ready Set. This final Top 10 Countdown is brought to you by ECC:

10. North Tonawanda Middle School

9. Kenmore West High School

8. Transit Middle

7. North Park Middle

6. Sweet Home Middle

5. Amherst Middle School

4. Pioneer High School

3. Attica Middle School
Raised $4,507.69

2. Edward Town Middle School
Raised $5,808.42

1. Roy Hart High School
Raised $11,227.22

Congratulations to Roy Hart High School, Edward Town Middle School, and Attica Middle School for winning a concert! And thanks to all schools for your efforts!

Total amount raised during Kiss 98.5's School Spirit 2011 for Women & Children's Hospital: $26,950.57!