Saturday, March 27, 2010


This past week's visit of a UFO expert to NCCC got me thinking again of "UFO" sightings that were reported to have taken place in Gasport.

Here's what the January 22, 1968 Niagara Gazette reported...

GASPORT -- Niagara County sheriffs deputies were summoned late Saturday and early Sunday to investigate "strange lights," reportedly observed near here.

The first call came from Donald A. Perry, of 3760 Quaker Road, Gasport, who said that his 11 year-old daughter, Mindy, looked out a window and saw a "whitish light, like a ball of light" falling at about 9 p.m. Saturday in the Quaker-Slayton Settlement Road area between this community and the City of Lockport.

Eugene F. Naish, of 3716 Hartland Road, here, called deputies about midnight and said that he had seen a yellowish light about 9 p.m. Saturday in the same general area.

He said that he was working at a dance at the Gasport Fire Hall and saw the light when he stepped outside for some fresh air. He said he first thought it was a light on a snowmobile on a hill.

He told deputies he and another member of the fire company checked the area but could find no trace of snowmobile tracks.


The website -- the National UFO Reporting Center -- also reports of one that occurred in 2003 and states the following:

Occurred : 12/23/2003 02:30
Reported: 3/4/2004 11:41:56 PM 23:41
Posted: 3/9/2004
Location: Gasport, NY
Shape: Light
Duration:3 hrs

Bright light shot across the sky from the horizon up. Made several right angle movements. Observed a bright light over a residence approx shape of basketball. Observed the light for approximately 20 minutes before it shot across half of the sky then stopped suddenly. The light then made several right angles, like a square shape. Observed the object for approx 3 hrs before it disappeared around 530 am. The object was soundless. 1 object was seen by 2 civilans and 3 deputy sheriffs.