Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today's Lockport Union Sun and Journal looks at last night's zoning board of appeals hearing that was before a packed house at the town hall.

According to the article, Niagara Metals was met with significant resistance...

“To build on Main Street is ridiculous,” said Al Wroblewski of Royalton Road. “Don’t load (Route) 31 with junkyards. Put those operations out of sight.”

Don Perry of Red Creek asked, “What’s in it for the town?” and noted that the property is at the headwaters of Eighteenmile Creek. Perry feared contamination.

Robin Lake, who has a junkyard business in Albion, wanted to know where Niagara Metals would get the tons of scrap needed to make a profit. He said that the company would have to get into cars. “It’s going to be a junkyard before it’s done,” Lake said. “That’s my biggest fear.”

But, Niagara Metals did get some support such as...

Dominic Cileberto of Gasport defended the proposed project. “They’re thinking more outside the box. They’re more efficient, and competition has to be good.”

Jeff Brown is in favor of the proposal. “This area need business, more jobs,” he said. “I think it’s great that somebody wants to do something.”

There is plenty of vital information available in the news article, including what's next for the town and Niagara Metals. Check it out online at. It's a good read.