Thursday, December 31, 2009


My goals for this website for 2009 went virtually unachieved. So, I will recycle them for 2010 and strive to achieve the following:

More interviews: I plan to have one interview a month regarding issues in the news, history, tourism, business, Roy-Hart and more

More photos: Most of the time it seems like this site is all text and no pictures. I plan to post more photos over the year so snowbirds and former residents have a little bit of their hometown to admire

More tourism articles: In hopes of attracting more visitors to our fair town, and to educate folks on what you can do here, I plan to have a series of "touristy" articles about Gasport. Stories along the lines of hiking Royalton Ravine Park, canoeing the Canal, hiking/skiing the towpath, restaurant/bar reviews, experiencing the haunted hayride at Beckers or sampling wines at Vizacarra Vineyards.