Sunday, November 1, 2009


Gasport residents will get to use the newfangled electronic voting systems (card readers) in this Tuesday's election. Royalton and Hartland were selected to be Niagara County's guinea pigs for this due to, one, our low population and, two, the relative tameness of our ballots this year.

How tame are the ballots?

Hartland features uncontested races for town board and town justice.

In Royalton, only one seat is contested of 8 possible, the battle between Caron Kelley and Terry Nieman for highway supervisor.

In regard to the county legislature, Mike Hill is running unopposed.

The biggest thing that we have to look forward to at the County level is voting "yea" or "nay" on a ballot item: The downsizing of County government by the elimination of 4 legislators beginning in 2012. Details about this initiative can be found on the front page of today's Lockport Union Sun and Journal and the Niagara Weekend section of the Buffalo News.