Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yesterday's edition of the Lockport Union Sun and Journal looked at the upcoming grand opening of Becker Brewing.

The story mentioned where the concept came from...

“It’s not unusual to hear a person say, ‘My wife likes wine, but where do I get a beer?’ ” he (Becker Farms owner Oscar Vizcarra) said.

In the past several years, Oscar has heard many people say they were looking for a good, local beer, including his son, Andres Vizcarra, whom Oscar said is representative of a younger generation.

“We want better beer,” Andres said, smiling.

“He said, ‘We want something other than the regular beer. Something quality, something local,’ ” Oscar said. “This (generation) demands better quality and demands local. That is the reality.”

About the beers....

There are four types of beer available: Local Lager, which Andres described as an “easy to drink” lager: Rooster Red, a red amber beer; Art’s Amber, a “darker” beer; and Frank’s Seasonal, a variety which will change with the seasons.

Art’s Amber and Frank’s Seasonal are named for Frank Becker, Melinda Vizcarra’s grandfather, and his brother, Art.

The beers are being sold by the glass and by the gallon — not yet by the bottle.

Andres said he believes the beers offer a good selection for people with all different tastes.“It’s more of a friendlier palate choice, for people that aren’t really into microbrews,” he said. “If people are really into it, they can do the amber beer, and that has more of a hoppy flavor. If they’re more used to their Michelobs or their (Labatt) Blues, they can try the lager.”

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