Thursday, October 16, 2008


From WLVL's news cave....

A rash of burglaries in the Gasport area prompted over two dozen residents to talk about setting up a neighborhood watch during a meeting last night at Royalton Town Hall. The session was organized byAva Beiber. She says her home has been burglarzied numerous times over the past few years. State Police Investigator John Dipasquale told them the more details victims can gather, the sooner the perpatrators will becaught. Republican Sheriff's candidate Ernest Palmersaid the department would work closely with State Policeif he's elected. The group will meet again on the second Wednesday of next month. In the meantime, they'll betalking to people who know about setting up watch clubs.

The watch is apparently needed. An 86 year old residentof Humphrey Road arrived home just after 3pm Wednesdayand found a green pick-up in his driveway. He told Sheriff'sdeputies two white males ran from behind his garage, gotinside the truck, and took off. The victim followed themfor some distance but lost them in the Wrights Corners area. When he got home, he found three Winchester shotgunshad been taken along with $300 in coins. Deputies foundthree other rifles lying next to the house that had been placedthere by the burglars. A safe inside the home had also been tampered with. Deputies said a rear door had been smashedto get inside.