Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The Roy-Hart school board is on a drive to lower the speed limit on Route 31 in front of the elementary school in Gasport, as the Lockport Union Sun and Journal reports...

At a Nov. 29 school board meeting, the board announced that the district sent a request to the state Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit. Currently the limit is 55 mph. The change, if approved, will take some time. The department sent a letter back to the district confirming it had received the request.“They look at traffic patterns, traffic count, history and other things,” said Roy-Hart Superintendent Paul Bona. “This is a formula they use to determine if the speed should be lowered.”

The elementary school has about 550 students; this is an enrollment increase over previous years, because of the addition of universal pre-kindergarten. There are four classes, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Bona said the school wasn’t the only reason the limit should be lowered: The surrounding area has also seen an increase in traffic.

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