Saturday, December 22, 2007


Many people, in an effort to kill time in the winter months and help Mother Nature, maintain bird feeding stations. Some folks put up one feeder while others put up multiple feeders for mixed seeds, niger, and suet.

Well, you can do that and help Science at the same time.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology maintains a major annual affair called Project Feedrwatch where over the winter months you record the species and numbers of birds at your feeder. This aids them in tracking bird populations and the advanacement of bird diseases. An amateur naturalist, I've particpated in the program for the last eight years or so. To join the helpful program visit this website:

This is a great year to take part in the program. Winter has been pretty snowy and cold, so our little feathered friends are looking for some grub and I've heard reports that certain northern species which have seen so few of in recent years (like redpolls and evening grosbeaks) are making one of their cyclical visits to the US.