Sunday, September 23, 2007


Whenever I tell other Western New Yorkers that I live in Gasport many of them say, "oh, God's Country. It's beautiful out there!"

That says a lot. People everywhere have respect and love for our quaint community.

Rural Gasport is a very special place, that rare piece of Small Town America. Gasport is home to truly great people, a bountiful agricultural landscape, small businesses that exemplify the American Dream, and a rich history centered around the Erie Canal.

It's a community that I love calling "home" and one that I will always call "home".

So, I thought it best that I share my love for Gasport and enlighten people about this wonderful place. This blog will serve as a website for anything and everything, events, commentary, stories, history, share with everyone the "what's happening" in our great community.

Residents: This site should keep you informed about events and newsworthy goings-on about town

Snowbirds and other "migrants": You can consider this your hometown "newspaper"

Out of towners: I hope you learn a lot about Gasport and pay us a visit. You'll love it out here.