Monday, July 27, 2020

Superintendent's update on reopening plan

From the Superintendent's Desk

Dear Resident,

As you may be aware, on Friday, July 31 we will be submitting our reopening plan to the New York State Department of Education. Our plan will be posted on the District website and the process of implementing the plan will begin immediately. The plan is comprehensive and includes subsections such as health and safety, facilities, transportation, student nutrition, social and emotional well being, teaching, learning and more. Whether it be in-person instruction, remote learning or a blended learning situation our schools will be ready to provide a quality program of studies for our students.

It is important to note that our desire to reopen our schools with a full set of opportunities for our students hinges on any future Governor’s Executive Order(s) and regional Department of Health guidance. Our priority is to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff.

I strongly encourage the entire community to remain vigilant in their use of personal protections -- wash your hands often, wear a face covering, maintain physical distancing and avoid close groups of people. I request that parents continue to have your children wear face masks as much as possible as we approach the new school year. Regardless of the delivery model, we will be required to have all students wear masks on the school bus and when social distancing is not practicable. The more practice our children have, especially our preschool and kindergartners, the easier it will be to transition back into school.

These are challenging times for each of us. Together we will beat COVID-19. As always, I hope that you will make an effort to reach out directly or follow me on Twitter @DrStopinski


Dr. Hank Stopinski
Superintendent of Schools