Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Town of Hartland update

COVID-19 Update

March 18, 2020

Dear Town of Hartland Residents:

In response to Gov. Cuomo's Executive Order to reduce non-essential staff by 50% we are implementing the following:

The Town Hall is open for business by appointment only. Staff are working from home with limited days at the Town Hall. Please use the drop box or mail to conduct business. If you have a more involved issue, please call for an appointment to conduct your business.

All Water and Highway operations will continue but the office will remain closed to visitors. Please call with your issue and staff will respond.

The Town Court is closed, all cases have been postponed. If you have an urgent matter call 280-6205.

Tax payments may be left in the drop box or mailed. If you need further assistance, please call for an appointment.

Town meetings are postponed until further notice.

The Town Park remains open.

I ask for your patience as we work through this emergency. Please pray for our neighbors, our country and all nations and place our trust in God.

Town of Hartland Supervisor,
W. Ross Annable