Friday, November 1, 2019

Letter from Ross Annable

This message comes from Hartland Town Supervisor Ross Annable...

Re-Elect Ross Annable Town Supervisor

Dear Hartland Voter:

I am writing to ask for your vote for Town Supervisor on November 5th.

I have been your Supervisor for the past eight years. During that time many improvements have been completed. These include lights for our ball diamonds through a Niagara Greenway grant, also a new pavilion and splash pad added using casino revenue funds. Interactive playground equipment is also planned for the future. Our park is a true gem for the town and is used by many residents including the July 4th celebration.

In addition, many improvements to the highway department have been made including storage facilities, the use of army surplus vehicles and equipment resulting in large savings. The highway and water departments were merged resulting in a more efficient operation. When possible shared services are utilized such as a shared assessor with the Royalton and snow removal contracts with the state and county.

The Town of Hartland is a great place to live. My family has lived in Hartland for several generations. I was raised in a Christian home and grew up at Hartland Baptist Church. Throughout a 40-year career in law enforcement, honesty, treating people fairly and equally has been a priority.

My goal has been to provide an efficient operation while keeping taxes stable. The town has no debt and the tax rate has remained stable for the last several years. The town is in sound financial shape. We have been able to stay under the state tax cap since its inception.

My opponent is running on a platform against a solar project that has been presented to the town. He is using distorted facts as to the introduction of the proposal. He has painted me as the face of solar and that this project was secretly planned.

The real facts are EDF Renewables presented a proposal to the town board in the spring. The board studied the project and felt this proposal should go to the residents for input. As supervisor it is not possible for me to enter into any project without the board and the public’s input. I have a neutral position until I hear from all the residents. It is vital that we get every ones opinion.

As far as secrecy, there is none. In August, two newspapers announced and reported on an open meeting as well as 1500 mailers sent to introduce the project. The town board met with both planning and zoning boards for input as well. The responsibility of any board member is to look at all proposals with an open mind before making decisions that impact the town.

I want the town residents to decide on this important issue. This project is in the early stages of study and several open meetings will be held to hear residents’ opinions. This study will take many months to provide meetings for residents to learn information on the impact to the town.
The town currently has solar laws limiting solar farms. These laws would need to be amended before the project could progress.

Benefits of this project would assist our local farmers by providing them a steady income revenue. The other benefit to the town would be annual payments upwards of half a million dollars with annual 2 percent increases. This funding would allow the town to keep taxes stable for 25 plus years, and help maintain our roads and an aging water system. It would also provide additional funding for our fire departments.

This project needs further study to understand the impact. It is the board’s obligation to consider all the facts and make a decision based on our resident’s response.

My opponent is using many inaccurate facts regarding the proposal, and trying to smear my leadership. I met with my opponent on this issue and informed him of my position, yet he continues to spew his misinformation. I attended the PORC open information meeting, but was not allowed to speak.

I have always looked out for the town and would never consider anything of this proportion without your input. I invite you to come to an open house meeting on Nov. 20th from 4pm -8pm at the Hartland Fire Hall to hear the facts and decide for yourself.

Don’t let one person’s agenda decide this issue. No matter who your board members are, they are obligated to look at all projects and listen to all the residents. The position of supervisor has many day to day responsibilities and financial oversight to be considered. My opponent has no experience in town government and is only running to stop the study of the solar farm before you can make an informed decision. Don’t let one person decide this important issue.

I ask for your support and your vote to help me continue to provide quality service to our residents, thank you.

W. Ross Annable