Thursday, September 12, 2019

What's happening at the Park?

Many people, including yours truly, have been wondering what project was underway at or around Royalton Ravine Park with the massive culverts that were recently stored on site and the opening of the access road to the north of the old Gasport reservoir where Red Creek flows through.

I reached out to Niagara County today and below is the response from Garret Meal, Commissioner of Public Works. I appreciate what he and his team are doing to maintain the integrity of Gasport Road and the creek.

Here's his response:

The work that you are seeing is repairs to the culvert carrying Gasport Road over the creek. The original stone arch bridge was constructed around 1915, the culvert was extended both east and west in the 1950’s using steel plate arch pipe to raise the profile of the road. This culvert was showing signs of age and was damaged in a few spots, requiring repairs.

In order to fix this situation, we installed a continuous liner pipe through the entire length of the culvert and filled the annular space between the old and new pipe with concrete grout. This liner pipe is what you saw stored at the park. This project will provide a permanent fix to protect the road.