Monday, September 23, 2019

This weeks's Superintendent's message

One of the District priorities for the school year is to focus on literacy.  It is expected that students will read and write across all curriculum areas with a focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, writing and phonics. 

This past week, I was very pleased to observe our teachers teaching these skills through multiple methods and more importantly the students learning through the application of these skills.

I am often asked what families can do to support their child’s reading and writing skills.  The simplest response is to have them practice. Much like learning how to ride a bike, play an instrument or throw a ball, reading and writing are skills that improve each time you use them. Begin by having your child read what they enjoy.  It could be a graphic novel, magazine or biography. It simply does not matter what to begin with. As your child becomes comfortable, perhaps consider reading the same book and have a conversation. Encourage your child to read one of your favorite titles and share your personal experience with the literature.

The United States Department of Education provides many resources including a Guide for Reading Tips for Parents.  I encourage the community to explore opportunities to help our young people grow.  If not the parents guide, consider visiting the community library, or call your Building Principal or your child’s teacher for assistance.  It is never too late to improve our reading and writing.

As always, I hope that you will make an effort to reach out and say hello when you see me around the schools and town, by email at or follow me on Twitter @DrStopinski

Dr. Hank Stopinski

Superintendent of Schools