Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Dining spotlight to debut

As a rolling project over the next 18 months I will do a "dining spotlight" on every single establishment that serves food in the towns of Royalton and Hartland (not only Gasport, but also the village of Middleport and the hamlet of Wolcottsville).

They won't necessarily be hoity-toity food reviews that you'd expect out of a big city newspaper. Instead, they will look at each place and its prices and menus and offer some basic opinions on the food and service, focusing on the value and quality they bring families.

The spotlight will help encourage residents to eat local while offering to visitors who do a quick Google search some ideas on where to eat. From Becker Farms to the Erie Canal to the wine trail, we get a lot of passer-bys...let's get them to stuff their faces here!

Every establishment will be spotlighted, whether it's a sit-down place like Cup & Saucer or B&B BBQ or a take-out joint like Crosby's or New England Seafood.

Believe it or not, there are at least 22 places to try out in Royalton and Hartland!