Thursday, August 29, 2019

Who needs Amazon? We have Standish-Jones!

Everybody loves the convenience of Amazon, but what's more convenient -- and more impactful -- than shopping in your own community?

Amazon might have everything, but when was the last time you visited Standish-Jones Building Supply? They seem to have everything, too! Their inventory is varied and deep -- they are more than just hardware.

When you shop at Amazon what are you supporting?

A multi-billion dollar corporation and a far away distribution center that probably got tax breaks.

When you shop at Standish-Jones what are you supporting?

The answer: GASPORT.

Your purchase:

* Keeps local folks -- your neighbors! -- employed
* Pays local sales taxes that go back into our own county
* Helps a business pay property and school taxes in our community
* Keeps vibrant a business that is a part of local history
* Ensures you get quality customer service, something you can't from a computer
* Invests in Gasport. The folks at S-J donate so much time, money, and supplies to Gasport causes. They're good people who do good for all!

Pay them a visit. Buy local.