Monday, February 25, 2019

Roy-Hart capital project

Here's the Superintendent's message, from the Roy-Hart website, that addresses potential capital projects for the three campuses:

Dear School Community Members,

Over the past several years, the Board of Education has been considering a series of capital investments and in the spring of 2018 developed a vision of our schools called Roy-Hart 2028. On Tuesday, May 21, the Board of Education will be putting forward a 12.1 million dollar capital investment project for your consideration. The project being proposed is the first phase of a multiple year master plan to move the District towards this vision. The project will have No Tax Impact on the residents of the District.

The capital project will address three primary areas identified in the 2015 Building Condition Survey including building and grounds infrastructure, playgrounds and athletic facilities. The project includes the replacing of roofs and windows, upgrading alarm and PA systems, replacing two playgrounds, resurfacing and replacing components of the track, adding tennis courts and parking areas at the middle school and elementary school among other improvements.

When approved by the voters, the project will be planned in detail and submitted for State Education Department review and approval. We expect the project to take two summer construction seasons as well as some work occurring while school is in session. With approval, we are tentatively set to begin the project during the 2020 - 2021 school year with most of the work taking place in 2021.

We have a number of exciting program and curriculum changes planned for the Roy-Hart Central School District and are confident that these changes will benefit our children and community for years to come. If you would like me to present to you or one of the many groups in our community, please let me know and I will be happy to share more details on our plan.

As always, I hope that you will make an effort to reach out and say hello when you see me around the schools and town, or follow me on Twitter @DrStopinski

Dr. Hank Stopinski

Superintendent of Schools