Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A thank you from the Seibs

In late-November, a fire destroyed the home of the Seibs, a beloved local family. Since then, many people have donated money, supplies, time, and support to them. One way in which people donated was through the online giving website, YouCaring.com. Through that website the Seibs issued this heartfelt letter of thanks....

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you enjoyed your holidays. We apologize that our thanks has taken so long to arrive. We have simply been trying to adjust emotionally to our loss and dealing with everything related to the fire. Our most valuable time has been spent helping our family heal and in comforting our children in ways we never imagined we would have to. Losing our home, belongings, and memories has been devastating.

Not only did we lose our house, our farm office was located in our home, as well. And as many of you know, the cows don't wait for the work to be done.

Having the fire so close to Christmas, was very difficult for our family, too. The day of the fire, there were so many people who showed up. We were in shock, but for the most part, recall many of those who were there to serve us. What I (Lorna) remember looking around that day and noticing was simply, what a huge family we have -- former students and friends serving as firefighters; our families, best friends, Roy-Hart and church families, and neighbors. They were all willingly, unselfishly, serving and comforting us.

My biggest concern the day of the fire was for my husband, children, the dog, and that none of the firefighters would get hurt. I had a peace that passes understanding. Along with the greatest comfort from my rock Doug, our children, and our wonderful families, I personally felt so safe in the hands of my brother Randy and my sister Cynthia, who gently filled in for Doug and for me that day, and for many that followed.

Our family would like to thank you so much for coming alongside of us and showing your support through encouragement, gifts, and time. Thank you so much for the meals, cookies, and chocolate, too! The love we have been shown is remarkable and will be cherished forever.

You may have heard us share this already, but Doug and I have had such a difficult time processing all of the kindnesses that we have been lavished with, and are overwhelmed by such goodness.

Our endless gratitude goes out to the firefighters who spared the rest of the buildings and barns at our farm. There is not enough time in life to extend our gratitude to everyone.

The way we have seen God work through our circumstance and the magnitude and glimpses of His might, leave us as a family simply in greater awe of Him.

Through this all, we know that there is no greater way for our family to live what we believe, than through trials. Even though there are still many, rough days ahead, He always, always sustains us and we have joy.

The following is one of the verses that Doug and I have on our farm shirts. We have seen our wonderful community live out this scripture on our behalf, to the utmost. "My little children, let us not live in word or tongue, but in deed." I John 3:18

The night of the fire, Doug, the kids, and I went into the camper and prayed. We thanked God for how He had spared us. Our "home"(family) was present with us; that is what mattered, the most.

Thank you once again.

Love, Doug and Lorna, Eliza, Ella, & Lucaiah