Sunday, May 14, 2017

Royalton makes an appearance in Brockport Stylus

I wrote for SUNY Brockport's student newspaper -- the Stylus -- years back and I still read the paper to keep up on how the school is doing and how well today's journalism students are reporting and writing.

I was amused by this article that recently appeared in the Stylus -- it looks at how a 1962 essay about the town of Royalton, available on the library's network, is suddenly popular again. It's a mystery that the document about the town's history now has 800 downloads.

Well, it's no mystery here -- I've seen the link to the 1962 essay "Reminiscing in Royalton" shared quite a few times by visitors to
Jesse Bieber's Memories of Royalton, Gasport, and Middleport Facebook group.

Check out the article: