Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Roy-Hart remediation to take place this summer

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation announced today that Phase 3 of soil remediation for  Royalton-Hartland Central School in regard to the ongoing FMC remediation will begin in May with the brunt of the work to be done during the summer 2017. The remediation will be conducted by the DEC on the school grounds at no cost to the Roy-Hart School District.

The Roy-Hart cleanup action for the summer 2017 construction season includes:

1. Excavation and removal of approximately 18,000 cubic yards of soil from central area between the high school and middle school, including the two softball fields

2. Backfilling and restoration of excavation areas

3. Installation of temporary fence to enclose all work areas

4. Baseline indoor air sampling of high school, with continued air monitoring during intrusive work

5. Community Air Monitoring Program during intrusive work.

You can download a detailed document about the project's scope here: