Saturday, August 20, 2016

Local ponds hit hard by fish kills

A month and a half ago, in one of my nature columns I suggested that WNY ponds were being set-up for significant fish kills this summer (…/exploring-niagara-frontier-wny-…). Well, unfortunately, I was right. Our big pond has been decimated. Four of our sterile grass carp (used to combat weed growth) have washed up on shore. In this picture, the Lil' One investigates one of the cadavers -- a carp that likely weighed close to 30 pounds. Throughout the shore I found plenty of dead crappies and the head of a bass that when it was alive was probably a 20"+ trophy largemouth. It's kind of depressing -- we manage our fishery so it gives our family countless hours of fishing fun and then Mother Nature has other plans.