Thursday, March 17, 2016


In a December 2014 nature column for East Niagara Post I wrote about the growing beaver population in Niagara County ( Although the population is growing, it will always remain small in Niagara County.

Most Gasport residents have never seen one of these large rodents, but you can, if you're patient. There are beavers right in our community, right in the hamlet itself. 

Beavers have taken down and still continue to take down a lot of trees in Royalton Ravine Park. If you hike the yellow trail and take its outlet that leads down to the former Gasport Reservoir, you will go out onto a small peninsula where many trees have been taken down. Some have been freshly chewed. When you get to the northern-most point of that shore, look across Red Creek and you will see a massive beaver lodge built into the northern cliff.

Be patient. Sit there and be quiet and you will see beavers surface or you will hear them slap their tails in the water. They are a sight to see.

Related to this, don't take dogs down the yellow trail's outlet to that area. The beavers will be made leery of the continued presence of canines and they might abandon their home. We don't want that to happen -- it would be pretty neat if the Gasport beavers started a family.