Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The teachers and students at Orleans/Niagara BOCES often like to take on projects to help the community. When the Royalton Town Hall reached out to Orleans Career and Technical Education Center Building Trades teacher Matt Anastasi to see if his students could help them, he assigned three of his students to the project. “They wanted a picnic table built out of composite material that could also be handicapped accessible for their town hall. It was a bit of a challenge because the students had never worked with that material before. It’s very expensive.“

The students and Mr. Anastasi decided to make a picnic table out of pressure-treated wood as a template before they started constructing the one made out of composite material. “Once they were able to get the dimensions right and had that one completed, they were able to get started on the table for Royalton. They were very happy with the end result. The representative said the students did a phenomenal job.”

What was a nice bonus is that the original wood picnic table will be donated to the Orleans/Niagara BOCES’ Orleans Learning Center for their students to enjoy when the nicer weather comes. “I am very proud of the workmanship that my students put into both tables,” says Mr. Anastasi. “It makes us all feel good that we can help out the community and BOCES students.”