Wednesday, November 25, 2015


On Friday, former Gasport resident (now Maine resident) and 1990 Roy-Hart grad Naya Clifford (formerly Tracy Ellen Sharp) will be at The Book Shoppe on Main Street in Medina from 2:00 to 4:00 to sign copies of her book “Into the North Woods.”

The book's description as noted by the publisher..

In this exceptional debut novel, "Into the North Woods," Naya Clifford takes the reader on a suspenseful adventure across the crest of the Appalachian Trail, into the lives of a local family thrust into the center of an environmental controversy. Set against the back drop of the majestic White Mountains, a college student and his girlfriend meet Striker, an iconic environmental activist. Together they descend into radical fanaticism fed by pseudo-scientific internet sites that propel them to the edges of violent extremism. Naya Clifford’s compelling narrative explores how the path from simple belief to terrorism grows unfettered in isolation. You will cheer on the Atwood family as they take a stand for their heritage and discover the strength of community in action and stand firm against extremist beliefs.

The current tide of extreme religious and political movements occurring world-wide should be of interest and concern to all of us who share this world as an environmental community of living beings. Naya Clifford explores the pernicious fealty of radical fanaticism and persuades us to remember that all life matters. "Into The North Woods" was conceived by the author as an allegory to explore how initially compassionate well-meaning people are swept up into violent movements, through isolation within their own self-selected groups, inspired through like-minded internet sites. Into the North Woods explores conversations about environmental action, racism and religious radicalism in the center of small town America.