Wednesday, September 16, 2015


There is an interesting project online called "Conversations With US". Conducted by Chris Register, the website says...

"...the project is grounded in a feeling that there must be more to America than the typical refrain offered by politicians and cable news--that we are a nation divided. Is being at odds with one another really what defines us? Or is there another side to America--a common thread running along the Mississippi River and underneath the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains and through the forests of giant redwoods? CWU aims to seek out the answer by going directly to the source, inviting hundreds of everyday Americans from all 50 states to share their thoughts and stories with their neighbors, even those a thousand miles away. As the project moves across the country, we may just find that these stories overlap with our own in unexpected ways. That shared narrative, in turn, might help us to accept, understand and even enjoy those differences among us that define the very essence of this incredibly diverse nation."

While bicycling across the country, Chris camps at various towns along the way and chats with folks who call those places home. He posts snippets from the interviews online to help make a narrative about this great country of ours. He recently made a stop in Gasport and interviewed Jennifer Bieber. You can hear a part of her interview -- and those of others along the Great Lakes -- here:!Water-Steel-Grit-Final-Conversations/cmbz/55edef390cf24e84f763c59e

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