Friday, November 8, 2013


Here is a letter to the community from Dr. Aaron Pazik of Body reEvolution in Gasport...

Dear Friends;

                It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. After over 8 years of bringing Chiropractic Care to the community it appears we will be closing our doors on 11/28/2013, this includes the massage studio as well. Many of you know that my fiancé and I moved to NJ to begin another chapter in our lives and to open another practice. What you might not know is that it’s a mobile practice, something very unique that would not be possible in Western New York.  We thought long and hard about the decision to move and decided we needed to do what would make us both happy. We then spent about 3 years looking for the right doctor to take over seeing the patients, and earlier this year we thought we had found the perfect candidate. Unfortunately Dr. Mark has recently had some health concerns that are forcing him to end his time with us, and possibly his career.

I was informed of his condition and received his resignation this week when he gave the office 30 days notice. At this time I am actively looking for a loving, caring, gentle doctor to continue delivering awesome healthcare but I am unsure if we will find anyone in such a short timeframe. Since the first search took me over 3 years I am hopeful but also being realistic in the fact that we may have to close the office for a period of time, or for good. Regrettably at this time I am not able to move back to continue treating patients in the office.

I would like you to know that since graduating in 2005, moving back to my hometown, and opening the practice I have breathed, eaten, dreamed, and lived for this practice and helping people. Many of you have heard me say that my mission in life is to help as many people as possible, and it continues to be so.

What this means for you is that after the close of business on 11/27/2013 you should seek another chiropractor to meet your health needs. I would like to personally recommend Dr. Cory Littman (Lockport), Dr. Ken Kurbs (Lockport), and Dr.’s John and Regina Syracuse (Newfane). Dr. Kurbs adjustments are very similar to mine and while the others are different they are still phenomenal doctors.

We will be finishing up insurance billing, refunding any money on account, and sending any bills for money due as we finalize things throughout the end of the year. When we close I can be contacted at (716)213-7234 or at I will be able to send any/all information requested to another office if you would like and when the end of the year rolls around I will be able to email or print and mail year end receipts to those of you who would like them. Per the law I must hold all patient information for 7 years from the last date treated, but I can send copies via email or mail.

            I am heartbroken and upset at the circumstances and will do whatever I can to make for an easy transition. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for the continued support and allowing me the ability to help you live healthier happier lives.

Yours in continued health,

Aaron M Pazik, DC