Thursday, July 11, 2013


With the closing of the Niagara County landfill, local residents have been calling the Royalton Town Hall with inquiries about what they should do. Town Supervisor Jennifer Bieber shares these tips...

Electronic waste can go to The Can Stand in Middleport, on the South side of Route 31, just West of the drive in.

As for air conditioners and refrigerators, residents need to consult the yellow pages for refrigeration places. There is a charge of usually between 20-25 dollars for them to take it. There was a charge at the Niagara County landfill as well. They can also check the local scrap yards to see if they will take those items.

Dead animals, such as dogs, could be taken to Modern disposal. The county used to charge 21.00 for this service. Modern does charge 55.00.