Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Last week I was thinking that it's been awfully quiet in Gasport. You can determine how "newsy" Gasport is -- with the good and the bad -- by looking at how many blog posts there are in a month. There have been less than 30 posts per month since July.

Well, it looks like I had thought about the serenity too soon.

There is now a mini crime wave underway in Gasport, this one north of the canal.

On Sunday evening an Orangeport homeowner had stolen from him an ATV and lawnmower and his house was ransacked. You can read the police report here

Then, in broad daylight on Monday, a Slayton Settlement Road home was burglarized and $1,700 in electronic items were taken.

This is not something new to Gasport. In recent years there have been spurts of burglaries in rural Niagara County, something the Sheriff's Department attributed to the drug trade and the bad economy. Things were so bad in Gasport in 2008 that community watch efforts were tried in Royalton while Hartland saw the creation of a block club in 2009 under the watch of young James Solomon

So, if this week's crimes are a sign of things to come (a repeat of 2008 and 2009), do your diligence as a property owner (lock your cars, garages, and homes) and as a good neighbor (keep an eye on your neighbors land). Be sure to report anything that's suspicious.